I am a Computer Scientist. I majored my Master of Science in machine learning then my Ph.D research was conducted in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Extraction (IE) . I was granted a Mitacs Elevate Research Fellowship in 2013. I have a strong experience in design of algorithms, building prototypes and proof of concept, specially on machine learning systems related to NLP, Information Retrieval and IE.

I have worked as developerresearcher and scientific project coordinator or R&D manager in the context of academic labs, company-academic partnerships, startup and public companies in Europe and North America. I have also been involved in management and coordination of various sized teams. In the past years, I have occupied positions at University Of Avignon in the LIA lab,  at Polytechnique Montréal and at the Computer Research Institute of Montreal.

From 2014 to March 2018, I headed the Search & Knowledge Team at Yellow Pages. This R&D specialized team of scientists and software engineers worked on design and relevance of the search engines powering YP products (YP, Grocery, YP Dine ,…) .

I am  interested by all aspects of technology transfer. I have developed various Open Source and systems related to Natural Language Processing, text mining and Information Retrieval like the Wikimeta API or the Semlinker annotation platform.

I’m teaching and giving talks on Computer Science, Algorithmic, Programming, Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing. I’m also sometimes Expert for Governements (Dijiboutian Governement, European Commission) and organizations about computing security and e-administration.

I have a professional experience in scientific edition, review and computer press. I write wide audience  books about information technology that have been published by Nathan, Pearson, Addison Wesley and Simon and Schuster Macmillan in French, Portuguese, Dutch, English and Italian. I was also Associate of the Mitacs Research Review Committee (AARC) where I acted as Scientific Editor for the evaluation of research projects.

I receive sometimes some interview requests from press and broadcast in Europe or North America. Here is the most interesting ones.

  • 03-2012: Interview about Semantic Web Technologies and Wikimeta (English)
  • Europe 1 – DCDC 11-2011: interview on French radio channel Europe 1 about computer security (French)
  • Europe 1 – DCDC 11-2011: interview on French radio channel Europe 1 about a news related to computer security (French)

Full resume can be sent on request or seen on my Linkedin profile.

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